An Overview of Main Evaporative Cooler Parts

This article discusses the Main Evaporative Cooler Parts used in a cooler and explains the role of each part. The function of each part working cohesively with other parts to form a working cooler is also explained.

Evaporative Coolers work by drawing hot air from outside the building through a wet pad. which works to cool the outside air before blowing it into the house. Thus. the air is not only cool but also humid. This process is possible through the function of several main evaporative cooler parts – the pump. the thermometer. the pad and the fan. Without these core evaporative parts. the evaporative cooler will not be able to do its job.

The Importance Of The Wet Pad Inside Evaporative Coolers

The pad within the evaporative cooler is probably one of the main evaporative cooler parts that enable air passing through it to be cooled down. Thus. it is important that the pad be super absorbent when water is being pumped into the cooler. In fact. the standard absorbent rate of the pad should be between 60% and 90%. depending on the type of material used. mccoy cooler

One of the more common pads used are those made from fibers of aspen wood that are packed neatly within plastic netting. Although there are also synthetic fibers used to produce these pads in the market. they perform less well as compared to aspen wood. Apart from that. the thickness of the pad also determines the effectiveness of the pad. with the thicker ones having greater absorbance strength.

Another type of wet pad is the rigid sheet pads made of corrugated material stacked together. As compared to fiber or aspen wood pads. they are much thicker but are able to withstand much higher wind velocities as compared to fiber pads. Even though they are more expensive as well. they require less maintenance and thus may be cheaper in the long run.

Why Do We Need The Circulating Pump?

The circulating pump is another main evaporative cooler part that circulates the water within the evaporative cooler. therefore driving it through the wet pad to cool it. In order for water to remain cool. is has to be circulated by the pump. much like how a radiator would work.

The Process Of Driving The Air Through The Cooler With The Fan

The fan is an essential main evaporative cooler part in that it draws the hot air through the evaporative cooler and through the wet pad to be cooled. before blowing it indoors. The number of inlets within the evaporative cooler in which the fan draws the air from is dependent on the type of wet pads used. This is with more inlets used. air velocity is also reduced.

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