OPPO A15 – Cheap Phone With Full HD Camera


Overview. OPPO A15 ( Hindapore) was launched by Pantech Communication a couple of months back. It is one of the first handsets to run on the Android operating system. It is a popular smartphone in India as it has some unique features that set it apart from the other devices available in the market. In this article, we will see how to buy OPPO A15 online. The process is simple and easy.

First of all, you need to find an official Oppo A15 store in your country. All major retailers including Sony, Vodafone and Samsung sell the device online. You can also get OPPO A15 SIM free and unlocked from several websites. We will discuss in further detail below. OPPO A15

On purchasing OPPO A15, you should purchase the phone from a retailer with free shipping if it is not included in the retail deal. Once you have purchased it, you should use the Google Android preview to check out whether it works on your handset or not. If you get an error message, then do not worry, as this is normal on A rooted handset. Just enter the product code given on the screen and use the same network to log on to your computer. The OPPO A15 will be delivered to you within a few hours, so do not fret if you want to check it out immediately.

Next step is to go through the OPPO A15’s product details. Look for the A variant and find out the details of the A-series so that you can choose the best deals. One of the best things about OPPO A series is that they are well equipped with features like music player, games, camera, video recorder, social networking etc. This handset also supports OMA international standards so you do not need to pay extra bucks for international calling cards. OPPO A series comes with two sims, one for domestic use in UK and another for international calls. The OPPO A series also offers free GPRS connectivity and has been designed with high security features.

OPPO A15 has got all the basic facilities like wifi, GPRS connectivity, camera and other features that one requires to make calls. The OPPO A series also includes a very good price tag so you can actually save money if you go for this handset. At the time of launching the OPPO A series, OPPO launched a new device which has come under the brand name Oxygen as well as a VOIP device named Omenon.

The Oxygen as well as Omenon have got all the latest facilities and are designed to cater to the needs of a busy person. The OPPO A series includes a very impressive camera which has got an eight mega-pixel resolution. Apart from this, the micro-USB port of the OPPO A series allows you to charge the digital camera and use it even on a computer. There is no such facility available with any other phone and this is one good reason for the popularity of OPPO A series. If you have not checked out OPPO A series in stores or online, now you should, as you will get this great device at unbelievably low prices.

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