Service Apartments As a Cheaper Alternative to Hotel Rooms

Many people have never heard the term serviced apartments. A serviced apartment is the key choice for people who want a cheaper alternative to hotel rooms. A service apartment comes furnished and is made available for those who are planning on a short term and even long-term stay. These types of apartments have grown in popularity for those who are looking for a cheaper way to travel internationally and who demand a level of privacy, convenience, and meal preparation without the hustle and bustle of a traditional hotel or motel.

The concept of a serviced apartment was birthed in the US. In fact, over 75% of service apartments are located within the United States. Companies such as Marriott, Residence Inn, and Extended Stay have begun to take their business model across the entire world allowing for those who travel internationally to stay in the comfort and privacy that this type of apartment can offer them. The most popular type of these apartments are more commonly known as Extended Stay Hotels. These hotels offer national and international travelers options to choose from a low-priced apartment room to a deluxe accommodation that can offer a living area, sleeping area, a small kitchenette and a nice bathroom. 분당풀싸롱

Larger serviced apartments can offer two or three bedrooms for those who have more than one person who are traveling. Generally you will not find these types of accommodations with restaurants or bars because of the amount of accommodations that are already present in the room. In fact, larger hotel chains have begun to make additions for these types of travel accommodations to add to the flexibility of their business model. Many of these types are apartments are in safe locations and have a 24 hour receptionist available for any immediate or emergency needs.

Extra amenities in serviced apartments can include full cooking facilities and many other modern conveniences that we enjoy such as a DVD player, BluRay player, and flat-screen television, high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi access and much more. The concept and design of these types of apartments are geared to give the international and national traveler a “home away from home”, so they can feel comfortable while enjoying a level of privacy that is higher than what they would normally get at a regular hotel stay. Rates will differ depending on what part of the world or nation that you stay, but we have found them to be very economical in relation to what they can offer the traveler.


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